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Advelsoft Tenancy Management System

ADVELSOFT TENANCY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (TMS) is designed specifically for the companies who’s managing tenancy occupancies for condominiums, shopping complexes, office blocks, modern dry and wet market and etc.
The greatest strength of this software is its ability to manage large number of properties units where off-the-shelf accounting software are unable to achieve. Tracks of availability and occupancy status in detail and summary.
This software is in existence since 1994 and has gone through 6th major upgrades.
Advelsoft Tenancy Management System consists of 5 modules: Tenancy Management & Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash Book, General Ledger and System Manager.

Tenancy Management & Accounts Receivable

Auto Generation of Recurring Charges
One time setting up of the monthly/quarterly/periodically charges such as rental fee, A&P fee, air-cond fee & etc into the charges table. Generate function allow user to have ease of use for billing in batch.

Tenancy Agreement
Tracking of Tenancy Agreement signed, rental received, rate charged in three tiers, deposit received, tenure period of each tenancy signed and free rental allowed.

• Advance Billing
Option to generate charges and billing monthly/quarterly/periodically. The system will handle the due date automatically. Furthermore, the revenue can be recognized base on due date or invoice date.

• Apportionment
Normally uses on insurance premium and quit rent where a lump sum amount need to be apportioned to each individual unit.

• Definable charges
3 different methods of charges can be defined for different billing types.

Flat rate
Normally used on rental, where a fixed amount is billed in monthly or periodically basis.

Tenanted units can be billed based on build-up area, this method normally used for complexes and/or office lots billing.

Unit Price
This billing method is for utilities bills such as water, electricity, gas and sewerage charge where the consumptions are varied in every month.

• Exception Charges
Some property units might have different rates than other property units that need to handle separately. This can be easily handled by the Exception Charges function. Typical usage of this function is on rental. For example, the tenant requested for 3 months discount on rental.

• Car Park & Sticker Management
Car park allocation and car sticker issuance, renewals and lost sticker management.

• Work Order Management
Track of tenant’s complaints. Simplify work done and action taken against each complain.

• Generate Overdue Interest and Waiver
Generate overdue and late payment interest for overdue accounts. Waiver of interest charge will be applied when necessary.

• User Definable Reports, Letters and Mail Merge
Allow user to create unlimited reports or letters. The reports and/or letters that are created by user then can be generated to all tenants by using the mail merge function.

• Utility Billing and Data Collection Device
Tracks 3 types of utilities: Water, Electricity and Gas usages. Hand-held data collector device can be used and compatible with this software.

• Combine Billing for Tenant
Unique features has been added to generate combined billing for tenant that for those are occupied more than one unit in the same premises. This is to ease and to strengthen the fees collection.

• Access Card Management
Issuance of access cards for the tenants, manage renewals, lost cards and bill to tenants accordingly.

• Comprehensive Analysis and Management
reports on billing, collection and outstanding Contain extensive reports for accounting and management usages. Such as Ageing, Billing, Collection and Outstanding Analysis, Building Occupancy, Monthly Balance analysis and etc. User allow to create own statistic or analysis reports.

• Full Integration to Financial Accounting Modules
Integrates with other financial modules, such as Cash Book, Accounts Payable and General Ledger System and System Manager




Accounts Payable Module
The Accounts Payable module includes all of the features you need to accurately track any expense for your estate. Easily track contractual and non-contractual expenses for any category and quickly find vendor and/or service provider payables and also transactions of historical payment in the system:

> Group vendor and service provider by user definable categories> Keep track of all contractual and non-contractual expenses
> Track Purchase Order, Goods Received, Invoice received, Debit Note, Credit Note of goods purchase in a more organized manner
No double payment will be made to any bill received
> Track delivery status and outstanding on delivery of any product ordered
> Generates reports such as Creditors Transaction, Creditors Ageing Report, Purchase History Analysis, Purchase & Payment Analysis, Source Journal and Audit Trail Report to help management in making wise decision.

Cash Book
The Cash Book module is designed for assisting user to track monies receipt and payment. Easily setup new bank account for any number of bank accounts in the system. Receipts and payments will be instantly reduced the outstanding balances from receivable and payable accordingly. Allocation of bills will be prompt directly when payment is made.
Bank reconciliation function is to reconcile between computerized bank book and bank statement.

Major features as follow:
> Issuance of Official Receipts and Payment Vouchers
> Provide linking to Advelsoft Property Management System, Advelsoft Accounts Payable and Advelsoft General Ledger
> Monitor Cash in-flow and out-flow
> Daily collections and payment status
> Handling multiple bank accounts and petty cash
> User definable Official Receipts, Payment     Voucher, Cheque printing format
> Audit trail is provided

General Ledger
The General Ledger module is the heart of the system. Accurate, accessible and timely financial information is critical to the operation for any businesses. All financial information is automatically updated from the respective modules as a result of transaction double entries. Therefore, many financial reports are instantly accessible from the General Ledger and
produce many kind of financial reports such as Budget vs Actual report, Income & Expenditures Statement, Statement of Affair, Balance Sheet & etc

Major features as follow:
> Unlimited and flexible account code setting
> User definable fiscal year and unlimited financial years of accounts to be kept into the system
> Flexible years of accounts handling
> Handle current or backlog accounts flexibly
> User definable and flexible financial reporting setting such as Projected Income Statement, Periodical Income & Expenditures, Receipts & Payment, Maintenance Fund Balance Sheet, Sinking Fund Statement and many other variance financial analysis reports
> Maximum of 12 columns user definable of financial reporting comparison can becreated
> Instantaneous report preview on screen, export to Excel, print to PDF or print out as hardcopy at any period of time
> Track of project / departmental income & expenditure accounts
> Breakdown of project details in Trail Balance & General Ledger Listing
> Budgetary accounts reporting
> No Month End or Year End Closing required