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DUITNOW QR payment gateway

Nov 9, 2023
❗️Good News❗️🤩
We have launched our DUITNOW QR payment gateway!
An instant payment gateway that enables your residents to pay Maintenance Fund, Sinking Fund & etc, instant update to Advelsoft PMS backend system with LIVE Receipt! 
Get it sign up NOW! Stand a chance to win Lucky Draw Prizes worth up to RM26,000
Sign up Period from 1 Nov 2023 to 30 Apr 2024
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Terms and Conditions Applied
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Chinese New Year Closure

Jan 19, 2023
Dear Valued Customers,
Our company is closed from 21/01/23 (Saturday) to 26/01/23 (Thursday) for Chinese New Year celebration.
We will resume business as usual on 27/01/23 (Friday).
Should you need any assistance, We will attend to your needs through online support only.
You may request for support assistance through the support portal: or email to
Thank you for your continuous support and wishing you a prosperous and good health in Chinese New Year.
Heng Ong Huat!

Selamat Hari Raya

Apr 29, 2022

We wish all our muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya!
On the auspicious occasion of Hari Raya, wish more and more success and prosperity in every venture that comes your way.
From Team Advelsoft & WooYoo

Important Notice - Office Closure

Feb 13, 2022
Important Notice - Office Closure
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Dear Valued Customers,
Our office will be closing on 14/02/22 (Monday) to 16/02/22 (Wednesday).

Should you need any assistance, please be informed that our staff will be working from home on 14/02/22 to 16/02/22. Therefore, we will still attend to your needs through online support.

You may request for support assistance through the support portal: or email to

Chinese New Year 2022

Jan 20, 2022
Dear Valued Customers,

Our company is closed from 31/01/22 (Monday) to 07/02/22 (Monday) for Chinese New Year celebration.

Should you need any assistance, please be informed that our staff will be working from home on 04/02/22 and 07/02/22. Therefore, we will attend to your needs through online support only.

You may request for support assistance through the support portal:

We will resume business as usual on 08/02/22 (Tuesday).

Happy New Year 2022

Dec 31, 2021
We wish you a happy new year! We know last year was challenging, and we pray and hope the year ahead will bring more meaningful moments for everyone.
We send all of our love and best wishes for better days. Take care of yourself and stay healthy in these uncertain times.

Merry Christmas 2021

Dec 24, 2021
Merry Christmas 2021
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May all that is beautiful, meaningful and brings you joy be yours this holiday season and throughout the coming year!

Happy Deepavali 2021

Nov 5, 2021

May the beauty of the Deepavali season fill your home with happiness, and may the coming year provide you with all that bring you joy!
Happy Diwali to our indian friends!

Selamat Hari Malaysia 2021

Sep 16, 2021

 Selamat Menyambut Hari Malaysia kepada semua rakyat Malaysia di mana jua anda berada.

Wish all Malaysian a Happy Malaysia Day, all the best and stay safe!

Selamat Hari Merdeka 2021

Aug 30, 2021

May we all be courageous enough to take Malaysia to greater heights,
​Happy Independence Day to my fellow Malaysian!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

May 12, 2021

Kucing kenyang lalu tidur,
Gajah pitam lantas terjatuh,
Andai tak sampai tangan menghulur,
Ku pohon keampunan dari jauh.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin!

International Women's Day!

Mar 8, 2021
A celebration to uphold achievements, to raise visibility, to showcase the work of all women around the globe, and most importantly, to give a perspective of a gender-equal world, where breakthroughs and triumphs are made possible by women. On this very special day, we hold the utmost privilege to honor women. Before we scale to the entire world, we look upon ourselves and what we have achieved in our journey. Our Executive Director, Christie Yap sharing her journey and the hardships she had faced to achieve her goal, including guidance for anyone that is in a similar position.
Back in 1991, Christie was working in a software house, positioned as a System Analyst for 3 years. Whilst her brother, Mr. Yap Yun Fatt as a Computer Engineer, had proposed to form a company of their own with great vision ahead. Despite all challenges and obstacles, Christie and Mr. Yap founded Advelsoft at the age of 25 and 28 respectively.
Advelsoft started as a home-based company with a team of 3 members, which primarily works towards developing a turnkey accounting software. Two years after founding the company, Christie conceived her first child, Vince Yong, whom is currently part of Advelsoft as the Chief Technical Officer. And two years later, conceived her second child, Yannru Yong, whom is currently an Account Supervisor in Advelsoft Solutions. Being a career woman with children, it was never easy to find balance between work and family as handling all on-site support requires lots of traveling that took up a lot of the time she could have spent nurturing her children. 
“Being pregnant while working to handle all on-site support and marketing required a lot of traveling, it was really tough compared with the modern days, where pre-maternity and post-maternity leaves are part of the modern privileges that we could not afford back in the days. The only maternity leaves that I had were on the day of giving birth.” she said.
Christie added, “My children find the office as their playground, and computers were for them to play and explore with. They had spent more time in the office instead of being at home growing up. We would not prefer sending them to daycare centers, because I do have my responsibility as a mother to look after them, guide them on their homework, talk to them, or prepare food for them. So instead, they were always playing, eating, or napping around the office till I got off work at 7 or 8 pm”, she said.
Christie holds these values close to her heart, Perseverance and Integrity
Advelsoft went through 2 financial crisis throughout the years, the first was in 1997, where the company was forced to lay off some of the employees. Christie refers to it as the toughest period of the business, there were days where it was struggling to release salaries. It took 5 years to recover from this setback. In 2002, Advelsoft had its first property management project, Sunrise, and from then on, solely focused on this niche market.
The financial crisis in 2007 had Advelsoft in another tight bond which led to the company moving from Subang Jaya to their hometown, Kampung Subang, for minimizing the cost of the rental. Mr. Yong, Christie’s husband whom had joined her in this journey in 2008, conducted a major restructuring to the company in 2009.
“To persevere is easier said than done, but if I were to throw in the towel during the economic crisis year, Advelsoft wouldn’t be here today at our 30th Anniversary this year. Some people would question me, that I’m a woman with three children. I should’ve just given up and become a housewife while taking care of my children instead since my husband had his own business anyway. But I made a promise to my clients, they’ve already invested in my services and put trust in us. I want people to know that we are trustable, reliable, and accountable. I held onto the integrity that pushed me to persevere.” she said.
Perseverance has been key to the foundation of Advelsoft. For years, Christie #ChooseToChallenge, working tirelessly with a goal in mind, to make Advelsoft thrive as it does today. We, as part of the company, have so much to thank her for. Perseverance, Integrity, and Resilience stood strong with Christie in the starting years, and now we stand strong alongside her morals. With it, we strive to serve our customers with the highest of determination and passion.
On International Women’s Day, join us in celebrating women like Christie Yap, Executive Director of Advelsoft, who #ChooseToChallenge and carved out paths for themselves in the industry that so often requires sacrifice to grow a successful business.

Advelsoft (M) Sdn Bhd has earned yet another JomPay Top Acquirer Award for the year 2019.

Feb 18, 2021
Advelsoft (M) Sdn Bhd has earned yet another JomPay Top Acquirer Award for the year 2019.
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The prestigious Top Acquirer award, recognizes Advelsoft’s methods and subsequent impact on the property management industry. Revolutionising payment methods at the comfort of their own homes.

There was no award ceremony in respect to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the little trophy has been collected and placed right next to the JomPay Top 10 Acquirer Award 2018 in Advelsoft’s office.
Adapting to the digital age through making payments with Jompay has significantly improved the efficiency and decreased the chances of mistakes. A closer step to achieving our vision to provide a solution with convenience for property managers all over the nation.
We are humbled to have this award as an encouragement for all the works we have done here at Advelsoft.

Happy Lunar New Year!

Feb 10, 2021


Amidst the covid-19 pandemic, let us keep calm and carry ONG!

Here at Advelsoft we want to wish you immense prosperity and good health! Let’s welcome the new year with love, joy and peace. Have a Happy Lunar New Year!


Do take note that our office will be closed from Thursday, 11th February and resume operations as usual on the Monday, 15th February.

Advelsoft 30th Anniversary!

Jan 16, 2021

Join us and celebrate our 30th Anniversary Milestone! 

We are Hiring!

Jan 4, 2021

Happy New Year 2021

Dec 31, 2020
Despite 2020 being a challenging year, we showed our strength throughout the difficulties. Stories of resilient give us hope that the coming year will be better. May everyone have a wonderful New Year ahead!

Merry Christmas!

Dec 25, 2020

Wishing you a joyous holiday season filled with warmth, comfort, and good cheer. Merry Christmas from Advelsoft & WooYoo!


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