Condo Management System Malaysia: Choosing The Best For Your Property

30 Oct 2020

When looking for a condo management system it’s important to identify 3 key points to deliver cost savings and efficiency with your condo management software of choice. Otherwise, you will face losses not only financially, but in time as well, your tenants will also start complaining as the inefficiency and wastages start seeping in.

Here’s what you need to choose the best condo management system for your properties:

1. Ensure that your condo management system has a proven track record of reliability.

If the system you’re considering has only been around for 1 or 2 years, then be very careful as it’s unlikely to have faced a comprehensive stress test through different real-life scenarios that only an established system faces.

So make sure the system you adopt has been in the market for a number of years.

2. Are other condos using the system?

A good sign of the best system out there is other condos adopting the system as well. A good system would penetrate more than just a handful of properties around the double digits, especially if the company has been around for some time.

3. Has there been extensive updates to the system?

A good system is well looked after and updated when necessary to be able to improve in its delivery and efficiency. Otherwise, it can get outdated and obsolete, not delivering the savings, efficiency and results that you’re looking for.

So make sure you gain clarity on these 3 key points before you choose the right condo management system for your properties.

That is why our condo management system here in Advelsoft is created specifically to ensure that these key areas are met with over 20 years of experience and development. To deliver the cost savings and efficiency that you seek.

Over 600 stratified properties trust and use our system. With comprehensive revisions and updates throughout the years to keep our system up to date and strive to deliver the best condo management system you’ll ever use here in Malaysia.

Get in touch with us today if you want a powerful condo management system to empower you and your team to manage your condo properties better.

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