Digitising Your Property Management System

If your property is still running on manual work, then you’re certainly not maximising its potential. Your property is not maximising the time and money invested in it!

Here’s a quick guide on the areas you could be digitising in your property management system

1. Communication

If you’re still using bulletin boards only to keep your tenants updated on the latest updates on the property, then you certainly need to look into modern property management systems that allow you to directly and automatically get in touch with your tenants via either SMS or email.

2. Rent Collection

The cash flow of a property is important and maintaining a consistent and good rent collection is key. This builds upon the importance of communication. It’s important to send reminders and follow-up with your tenants consistently to increase the likelihood of rent being paid on time and delayed rent to be collected. An automated messaging and follow-up system via SMS or email helps with this task that’s available with good PMS systems.

3. Accounting

Keeping the books in order is essential to maintain an accurate view on the financial health of a property it can be mundane to do manually. On one level you can adopt an independent accounting system to make it more efficient, on a higher level you can find a PMS system like Advelsoft’s that has their own accounting systems integrated to provide a seamless flow of information.

4. Reports

It’s important to have timely reports on demand to check on the key figures for your property. Manual work slows down this process, a PMS system automates this process for you, by automatically generating reports as your property manager records and uses the system.

5. Complaints

Keeping track of complaints is important, it’s easy for a property manager to get overwhelmed with complaints and tasks that they overlook. If this is done manually or in a poor system, it’s very easy for complaints to get lost, forgotten, and neglected which will lead to very nasty problems in the future or even lawsuits. So it’s important to find a PMS system that is able to keep track effectively the progress of complaints from the beginning until the end.

You can have a turnkey solution to transform your property management system from manual to digital already. Get in touch with Advelsoft to find out how you can digitise your property management system today.


By addressing these key areas you will be able to see significant cost savings and time saved, providing a better ROI to your property.

If you’d like an experienced and professional team to guide you through this process, you can get in touch with the Advelsoft team. Malaysia’s leading property management system provider.

22 Dec 2020