Features Of An Ideal Property Management Software

22 Dec 2020
Picking the right property management software is important if you want your property to be well run, efficient, and provide a good ROI.

Here’s what you’ll need to consider:

1. Annual Subscription or One-Time Payment?

You can gain significant savings if you choose a property management software provider that only takes a one-time fee instead of an annual subscription. Your property is here to stay for the long term, the same goes for your software.

2. Integrated Accounting Systems

There are many property management systems out there, but not many have integrated accounting systems in them. With an integrated accounting system it will be able to save you the costs of acquiring a separate accounting system, and you do not have to do double the work with the transfer of data integrated between applications.

3. Modules to Meet Your Specific Needs

Sometimes you need extra systems to meet your specific property needs. Modular property management systems allow you to pick add-on modules to be able to tailor it to your needs.

4. Automation

Having everything organised and systemised is great, what’s even better is having tasks like payment collections or reminders automated. Never again will you miss sending out an announcement to your tenants when you’ve got an automated system.

5. Easy of Use

We want adoption of property management systems to be as seamless as possible, otherwise, it can disincentivise the user(s) from using it. Ensuring you have an intuitive property management system allows you to cut the learning curve and maximise its efficiency.

6. Good Support

Make sure there is a good support team to guide you through the process especially the beginning, which is also reflective of the potential support they will provide you in the future if you ever encounter any problems.

Property managers, did we miss anything out from this list? What features would your ideal property management software have?

With these key points in mind, we here in Advelsoft have crafted our PMS system for over 2 decades to deliver the ideal system for property managers. If you’re interested in learning more about our systems, do get in touch with us here.

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