Customized Vending Machine

"Wooyoo add VALUE to your property! 🤩"
Customize your vending machine by selling all varieties of product such as medicine, fast foods, drinks, snacks, cosmetics, pet food & etc. as a machine retail concept store is not a big deal anymore.

Wooyoo Vending Machine provides :
⭐️ Cashless Payment gateway & E-wallets support in Malaysia
⭐️ No cash note to avoid vandalism.
⭐️ Quick restock to all the vending machine after we get notify of low inventory stock from our system.
⭐️ Convenient for residents to purchase small goods
⭐️ Increase the looks at your property
⭐️ Free Value Added Facility to your residents
⭐️ Achieve extra income!

Its FREE❗️❗️

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08 Feb 2024