Property Management System (PMS)

Property Management System (PMS)

      Property Management System (PMS) is a strata properties software solution which designed specially for developers, property managers, joint management bodies, management corporations and residents association.

Advelsoft has more than 20 years experience in property management solutions. Advelsoft comprehensive end-to-end PMS enables residential property management to simplify and facilitate the routine property management functions, assuring property owners that all property units are managed uniformly and eectively. Advelsoft PMS arms property management companies with the right solution and platform to stand out among their peers.

Why Advelsoft PMS
A complete long-term computerized property management solutions
• Boosts productivity, efficiency and accuracy
• Simplicity and ease of use
• Significant cost saving on manpower
• Unlimited user defined security access level
• Various reporting meets JMB/MC requirements
• Instant and immediate management and financial reporting request
• Multi-users ready – no license fee for additional users
• Regularly enhanced with latest technologies such as SMS and Email
• Compatible with latest operating system, your investment is protected
• No annual renewal fee / subscription fee
• Free on-site “Getting Started” training
• Unlimited on-line technical support for first year
• Fully integrated with financial accounting, no separate accounting system needed.
• Add-on modules such as Customer Relation Management, Community Portal, Credit Control, Facilities & Assets Management, Procurement and Inventory Control

Featured With:

Auto Generation of Recurring Charges
Charges table will handle recurring charge of each month for all units. Generate function allow user to have ease of use for batch generation of billing.

Advance Billing
Option to generate charges and billing monthly , bi-monthly or quarterly. Advance billing will handle due date automatically. Revenue can be recognize base on due date or invoice date.

Definable Charges
Methods of charges can be defined for different billing types such as Flat Rate, Build -up, Share Unit and Unit Price.

Exception Charges
Any charges that out from standard charges defined in Charges Table can be defined in Exception Charges. Typical usage of this function is on rental. Such as the tenants request for 3 months discount on rental.

Normally uses on insurance premium and quit rent where a lump sum need to be apportion to each unit. The Apportionment function applied to charges type on build -up and share unit.

Utility Billing and Data Collection Device
Tracks 3 types of utilities: Water, Electricity and Gas usages. Meter reading tracking consumptions for each unit and calculate usage billed to owners or tenants.

Separate Billing for Owners and Tenants
Generate split billing for either owner or tenant. Property occupied by tenant split billing will be generated automatically. Owners receive billing for service charges, sinking fund, insurance premium and quit rent. Tenants will received billing for water charges, rental and facility usage.

Car Park & Sticker Management
Car park allocation and car sticker issuance, renewals and lost sticker.

Work Order Management
Track of owner’s complaints and defects. Simplify work done and action taken against each complain.

User Definable Reports, Letters and Mail Merge
Allows user to create unlimited user definable reports or letters. The letters that are created by users then can be generated to all owners using the mail merge function.

Comprehensive Analysis and Management Reports On Charges and Collections
Contains extensive reports for accounting and management usages. Reports output to printer, excel and PDF is provided.

Unlimited and Flexible User Definable Codes
Unlimited accounts, charges and payment codes can be defined in all modules.

Full Integration to Financial Accounting Modules
Integrates with other financial modules, such as Cash Book, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Management Front Office, Credit Control and Procurement.

SMS and Email
Enable to send individual/bulk reminder/notices via Email or SMS (ie. Yr total o/s amt due is RMxxx.xx for Unit A-01-01. Pls make pymt immediately...........); and Enable to send OR especially for cash collection via SMS or Email.


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