Qualities Of A Good Property Manager

22 Dec 2020

The quality of the property is only as good as the property manager that’s managing it. That is why it’s essential to identify the key qualities and characteristics of a good property manager. Here’s our list:

1. Organised

With so many moving parts in a property, it’s essential for a property manager to be organised. Any disorganisation will lead to overlooked tasks and possibly important items that could lead to bigger problems in the future.

2. Proactive

Rather than just reacting to problems, a good property manager anticipates problems and prevents the preventable actively by applying the proper systems and conducting the necessary maintenance on the property.

3. Experienced

Knowledge about property management is one thing, but nothing beats hands on experience. A good property manager is one who is experienced with various scenarios, understanding the different unique challenges that different properties present.

4. Tech Savvy

Efficiency and productivity is essential for a property manager with so many tasks to deal with and unexpected challenges that may come up. So a good property manager will know how to leverage off powerful property management systems like the ones provided by Advelsoft to help them do their work in an organised and efficient manner.

5. Good Communicator

Dealing with tenants is not an easy task, tenants can come from various backgrounds and have different temperaments. So it’s essential for property managers to communicate effectively with them and also use PMS systems to transmit essential information to their tenants. It’s also important for property managers to communicate with the property owners on a regular manner as well.

6. Adaptable

Being a property manager long enough will tell you that it’s not a matter of “if” something goes wrong, it’s a matter of “when”. So it’s important for property managers to be on their feet and adapt when unique challenges arises.

What are other qualities of a good property manager that you would add to the list?

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